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Prescription eProtocols for medicines

Suitable prescribing guidelines with the integration on the ePrescription system (mandatory or simply advisory to the prescribing doctor), ensures patient access to quality health service, while at the same time has the potential of containing costs, according to real health needs and in alignment with evidence-based medicine principles. This is a much more efficient and scientifically sound way of cost containment, compared to horizontal cut measures (claw-back, rebate, positive/nega-tive lists of medicines, etc), usually employed as emergency measures in austerity policies.

  1. Karanikas, M. Papadakis, E. Thireos, “Development Of Prescription E-Protocols For Medicines And Integration On The Greek National E-Prescription System”, Value in Health, Vol. 18, Issue 7, A385, Published in issue: November 2015

Cross-border Patient Registries Initiative (PARENT Joint Action)

PARENT Guidelines was created to provide a practical and ‘hands on’ advice to set up and manage patient registries as well as to enable secondary use for public health policy and research. Accompanying is also the PARENT Framework, supporting the guidelines with tools to make life easier for those setting up new registries and those exchanging data across registries; as well as pilot registries set up using the new tools to demonstrate the value of the Framework.

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